St. Joseph's Kids Are Back Home!

Selfie with St. Joseph’s kids,   caregivers, and supporters

Selfie with St. Joseph’s kids, caregivers, and supporters

As most of our supporters are aware, the children were removed from St. Joseph’s on March 23rd by DIF - the Mexican Health and Welfare Department. There are many new regulations that the agency is implementing, and one of them is about providing written notification for any travel outside Tijuana with the kids. Lily had taken them with her to visit her family in Morelia, Mexico, not aware of this regulation. Thus began a nearly four month ordeal involving written petitions, responses, more petitions, more responses and so on until reams of paper had been exchanged. Capstone hired a lawyer in an effort to help us navigate the process of getting the kids brought back home as quickly as possible. Finally, on July 8th, they were reunited with Lily at St. Joseph’s. The kids are absolutely thrilled to be home and are so appreciative of all the prayers and support offered for them. It is a joy to see their smiling faces and the mutual love they share with Lily.

Sadly, Benjamin decided not to return with the others. We don’t really understand his decision but hope and pray he changes his mind and DIF allows him to return to St. Joseph’s. Lily had been working hard to teach him self-sufficiency, and he had become very adept at taking care of his own needs. He had also learned to navigate safely around the home and helped with chores, taking into account the limitations of his blindness and confinement in a wheelchair. Our hope is that Benjamin can use these new skills wherever he is to be independent. According to DIF, he will not be able to stay where he currently is long term, so they will be searching for another home for him. Our hope and prayer is that his family and Capstone friends will be allowed to visit him.