Capstone's Construction Coordinator: Building Better Futures

Dave and Natalia

Dave and Natalia

Dave’s inspirational motto for life:
“Want less, give more.”
— Dave Ankenbauer

Our construction coordinator, Dave Ankenbauer, first traveled to Tijuana with Capstone Missions in January of 2009. He has worked as a carpenter for 18 years and has been self-employed for 10 years. He has experience remodeling homes as well as completing new residential and commercial construction. Dave loves what he does for a living and feels he has been blessed with a set of skills that allows him to be creative.

Dave generously donates his time to coordinate construction and lead Capstone’s building projects. He travels from Colorado to Tijuana for at least four, week-long trips each year. On each mission trip, Dave patiently teaches our volunteers even the most basic building techniques while still keeping the project moving along. Numerous volunteers, many with no prior building experience, have helped Capstone complete quality building projects under Dave’s instruction. When asked about his generosity, Dave states, “I do not feel it is generous, but it is necessary. I see the need in Tijuana and the homes and orphanages we take care of, and I can’t turn away from that. I know I have been called to do this work, and I love every minute of it.” In giving one final reason to go on a mission trip, Dave says, “The food is amazing!”

Capstone Missions is a large part of Dave’s life, and he has grown to love many people in Tijuana. He also now looks at his wants and needs much differently. His experiences in Tijuana have had such an effect on him that he has decided to simplify his life as much as possible. “Want less, give more” is Dave’s motto.