May trip successful

Hi all,
We had a great trip last week, with 9 participants. Four were CSI students and Spanish speakers, so they all had a blast with the kids and were endlessly helpful to those of us who are monolingual. We also had record times both going there and coming back. It's so easy with just 2 vehicles, and (mostly) compliant people!

St. Joseph's

For the most part, the kids seem to be doing well. Sr. Monserrat opened up quite a bit about Adriana's departure (Adriana turned 18 and left the home), and needless to say, she is very upset about it. She was concerned that those who support her (us) might be judging her and finding her inadequate as a mother. I hope I was able to reassure her that there was no judgment on our part, and we are 100% supportive of her efforts.

We did paint the bathrooms in the girls' dorm, and moved a light fixture out of the dining room.

At Hacienda de la Inmaculada, we built more shelves. Shocking! There is a large room that has been used as a study room that Madre wants to turn into a library. We were also able to clean out some junk from the room. They don't want to throw out anything, so we did! Most of the stuff that we thought they'd never use was put out on the street, and was snapped up in seconds. We also fixed the drywall on the ceiling of their small chapel. Next time, we'll finish it, paint and tile the room.

There are a lot of changes there. An engineer is redoing all the electrical and installing fans. The girls' bathroom is completed, along with the washing sinks in the dining room. Also, the metal fence in the dining room has been removed and the room painted. The engineer thinks he has things mostly organized to do the refrigeration unit. There are 70 children there right now.

There were 3 young women there helping out for the week, and 2 of them helped us on Friday with our final work on the study/library. There was also a new woman working there, and we'll pray she stays.

There is progress being made there, but the amount of junk and dirt makes it almost impossible to stay on top of things. The laundry issue remains a challenge, and there still aren't nearly enough adults.