Trip Poem

Becky is a repeat trip attendee and a Boise State student. Thank you Becky for sharing your insights.

TJ to Home
by Becky Hilton

The nail you just stepped on,
appreciate the fact that you can walk through your living room barefoot.

The wall that just wobbled when you leaned against it,
appreciate the support your home brings you.

The empty door frame you just walked through,
appreciate the ability you have to close a door.

The tarp roof you just lifted,
appreciate that you can go home to get out of the rain.

The boarded up window you can’t see through,
appreciate the sun beaming into your front room.

The razor wire and broken-glass walls you walk next to,
appreciate the safety you feel behind a locked door.

The night time gun shots, the morning smog, the impoverished hunt for survival,
appreciate the fact that you will be going home.