Top Ten Reasons for

Capstone Alternative Gift-Giving

10. You will avoid Sprawl-Mart’s holiday sounds of screaming children and battery-powered “ho-ho-ho’s.”

9. The recipient-in-need probably won’t whine about hating your gift and wanting a Robot Dog instead.

8. Your grown children will appreciate not having more kitchen appliances to make room for in the pantry.

7. If you MUST drive by the mall, you can just scoff at those battling for parking.

6. You won’t send your relatives into a diabetic coma with yet another box of chocolates.

5. You won’t have to worry about whether your in-laws are displaying your Christmas gift only when you’re around to see it.

4. Grandpa won’t groan, “Not another necktie!”

3. You save on wrapping paper, which accounts for 3-10 extra bags of trash over the holidays!

2. Santa’s elves (and/or other outsourced slave laborers) will be grateful that you spared them the extra work.

And the number one reason for alternative gift-giving . . .

1. Nobody with a conscience is going to demand a refund.

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