St. Joseph’s Home for Children - by Rusty Gideon

The news from St. Joseph’s continues to be very positive. We have made one administrative trip and two Capstone Missions trips to Tijuana since our last Newsletter; each time the outlook seems brighter. What strikes team members on every trip is the reality that St. Joseph’s is truly a “home,” not just an orphanage. Sisters Maria Elena and Monserrat are rearing these thirteen children in a home, not an institution. The growth and development of the children is proof of the love found there.

The buildings and grounds of St. Joseph’s visibly improve with each visit. Between our Mission trips and occasional contractor work hired by Sr Maria Elena, it is hard to tell that St. Joseph’s is the same place we first saw several years ago. The recent trips found us painting inside and out, improving some plumbing and woodwork. Next on Sr. Maria Elena’s agenda is to redo linoleum floors and begin further painting in the upstairs rooms. Taking care of all those kids is still a 25-hour-a-day job for the Sisters, but the living conditions are no longer a major concern.

Two of the younger boys are in public school. The others attend Catholic schools. Evening around St. Joseph’s find the Sisters devoting as much time as possible to assisting with homework and creating an atmosphere conducive to quiet study. They know that education is the real key to these kids’ futures. Somehow, they find time to drive several of the children to ballet and karate classes, as well. It reminds us of the crammed evenings US soccer moms endure back home. All in all, Capstone is exceedingly proud to support a home that is devoted to the well being of a group of children who would have had almost no chance of a decent future without the dedication of these two wonderful Sisters.