Our history

St. Joseph’s Home (officially Casa Hogar Ruiz Cortinez) has been the heart of Capstone Missions’ work since 1997, when two Idaho families made the first journey to assist in the remodeling of their home.

Since the first trip in 1997, hundreds of volunteers have traveled to Tijuana or offered financial assistance for the children that other orphanages could not or would not accept due to their various disabilities.  As support and interest in our mission increased, so too did the capability of the growing organization that became Capstone Missions.  St. Joseph’s remains the focus of Capstone Missions’ work, even as the building trips have branched out to remodel and improve other orphanages and the homes of the very poor in Tijuana.  In 2008, we also began supporting Hacienda de la Inmaculada Orphanage which provides housing for up to 50 children.

Capstone Missions provides monthly financial support for St. Joseph’s and Hacienda, critical to the continuing operation of these homes.  The monthly assistance provided by Capstone Missions is the only consistent, monthly funding received by St. Joseph’s and pays for utilities, nutritious meals, medical care, and sound housing.  Capstone Missions’ support also allows the children of St. Joseph’s to attend private Catholic school, giving them more individual academic instruction and building a strong foundation in the Catholic faith.  Education is central to a promising future for the children.  Without a solid education, they encounter serious barriers to living a full and productive life.  Capstone Missions has also pledged to continue assisting the children as they graduate from high school and go on to university or technical school.  

Capstone Missions is committed to supporting the children at St. Joseph’s and Hacienda.  In order to offer the monthly financial assistance, while continuing with the needed building projects for the poor in Tijuana, Capstone Missions relies on the generosity of our supporters.  Donate today and help us continue building a better future for Tijuana’s orphans and poor.